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How does your institution provide Radiology ER coverage after hours, weekends and holidays?

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asked May 23, 2016 by AWhite (260 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Angie,

I am at Geisinger Medical Center in PA. Here is how our department covers the ER:


Weekdays: There are three day shifts for ER/STAT

  • 730AM - 5PM - 2 residents - one PGY2/R1 resident and one senior resident (PGY3/R2 or higher)
  • 12PM - 9PM - 1 senior resident 
  • 5PM - 2AM - 1 senior resident 
  • 5PM - 9PM - 1 PGY2/R1 resident - "buddy call"
  • 9PM - 730AM (night float) - 1 senior resident 


  • 730AM - 5PM - 2 residents - one PGY2/R1 and one senior resident (PGY3/R2 or higher)
  • 12PM - 9PM - 1 senior resident 
  • 9PM - 8AM - 1 senior resident 


Same as weekends


IR call is taken from home by PGY3/R2 or higher. The on-call resident gets paged first and will notify the attending/techs if they need to come in. 

5PM to 730AM on weekdays. 

For weekends its 730AM - 5PM and 5PM - 730AM

We have attending coverage 24/7. Residents are first line for the main ER and trauma teams. We provide prelims in real-time reads and send the reports to the attendings.

Hope that helps!


answered May 24, 2016 by santhosh (850 points)