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What type of educational sessions does your institution offer to pediatric fellows?

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Our institution offers a two hour educational session each month for all pediatric fellows, the curriculum is built on the ACGME core competencies.
asked Apr 19, 2016 by klk427 (160 points)
edited Apr 19, 2016 by klk427

1 Answer

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We are getting ready to offer a year long Clinician Educator Course.  Teaching them to be better teachers.  It will be offered to Peds Fellows and IM Fellows first, then if it is successful we'll expand.
answered May 11, 2016 by Charleston_GME (230 points)
Is this a curriculum your institution created? Is it being offered in person or on-line? I would be interested in discussing this in more detail. When time allows please feel free to e-mail me kknippel@mcw.edu.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing more about this exciting opportunity for your fellows.

Have a wonderful week!

Karen Knippel, Medical College of WI